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The Richmond Redevelopment and Housing Authority's (RRHA's) Office of Government Affairs and Public Relations is responsible for RRHA's internal and external communications. The office answers requests for information and produces several publications regarding RRHA's programs, services, accomplishments and events. The office is also responsible for special events; marketing RRHA's program and services; and public and media relations.

Listed below are AGENCY ANNOUNCEMENTS , PRESS RELEASES and AGENCY PRESENTATIONS distributed by the RRHA Office of Government Affairs and Public Relations.. (Please click on the link to review document.)

If additional information is needed please contact us at (804) 780-4344 or e-mail us at info@rrha.com

06-02-2017 - Section 3 MBD outreach TCB/Consultants & RRHA
1-4-2016 - Church Hill North Community Meeting - Scheduled for January 7 2016

"Pursuant to 24 CFR 965.502, RRHA provides notice to its public housing residents of proposed revisions to the utility allowance schedules. Please find attached for your review the proposed Utility Allowances for electricity and supporting documentation for each respective community. This information is available for review on March 1, 2014 through March 31, 2014. During this review period, you may review the documents that provide the basis for the proposed utility allowances for electricity and submit a written comment to the following locations:

* RRHA's main administrative office at 901 Chamberlayne Parkway
* RRHA's Property Management Offices
* RRHA website: www.rrha.com http://www.rrha.com

RRHA will review all comments at the close of the comment period and respond within 30 days of the close of the comment period. Such written comments will be retained by RRHA and shall be available for inspection."
06-02-2017 - All Up Coming Higgenbotham Auctions
06-02-2017 - RRHA Properties being Auctioned
08-29-2016 - RRHA submits Choice Neighborhoods Application
08-01-2016 - All August Standing Committee & Board of Commissioners Meetings are cancelled
06-13-2016 - Public Notice: Public Meeting on June 16th, 2016 to discuss the next steps of the Church Hill North Choice Neighborhoods Plan
05-31-2016 - Correction to Public Notice 2017 Agency Plan Public Meeting and Comment Period
05-19-2016 - Public Notice 2017 Agency Plan Public Meeting and Comment Period
01-11-2016 - HCVP (Section 8) Participants Interested in becoming a Resident Advisory Board Member
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