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Policies and Procedures


The Richmond Redevelopment and Housing Authority (RRHA) was founded October 3, 1940, under the Virginia Housing Authority Law of 1938 by the Richmond City Council as the official agency charged with the responsibility of eliminating blight and developing affordable housing in the city of Richmond. RRHA, a political subdivision of the Commonwealth of Virginia, is the largest authority in the state. RRHA currently owns, operates and develops units through its low-income rental housing program and the Housing Choice Voucher Program and advances community redevelopment and homeownership initiatives throughout the city of Richmond.

RRHA serves approximately 10,000 residents in 4,100 public housing units and, through its Housing Choice Voucher Programs, provides subsidized housing for approximately 3,000 units. The Authority has approximately 240 employees and manages federal, city and state funding . RRHA’s combined housing and community development programs serve a population of nearly 30,000 Richmonders.

Funding for the low-income housing program is provided by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. Community Development Block Grant funds (made available through the city of Richmond through the federal Housing and Community Development Act) provide the financial base for neighborhood improvement programs. Funding for RRHA’s neighborhood revitalization and conservation programs also comes from Home Investment Program Funds, the Virginia Housing Development Authority and local lenders.

RRHA is governed by a board of commissioners whom the Richmond City Council appoints. The
commissioners make policy decisions on current and future programs.

The implementation of RRHA’s policies and procedures is the responsibility of the Chief Executive Officer, who is appointed by the board of commissioners.


In meeting its mission and vision while providing quality services with integrity, the Richmond Redevelopment and Housing Authority adopts various policies and procedures.

Click on the links below to review the policies. If additional information is needed, contact the RRHA
Communications Office at 804-780-4167 or by e-mail at info@rrha.com.

Standards of Conduct Policy

Conflict of Interest Policy

RRHA Section 504 Reasonable Accommodations Policy

Civil Rights and Reasonable Accomodations