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Real Estate and Community Development

As its name implies, the Richmond Redevelopment and Housing Authority (RRHA) is, in part, a redevelopment agency. RRHA's Real Estate and Community Development Department heads the agency's redevelopment efforts in partnership with the city of Richmond , whether they be conservation and redevelopment programs, homeownership programs or the HOPE VI Revitalization Program.
RRHA is building vibrant communities through efforts which include managing redevelopment/conservation areas ranging from residential to commercial properties and providing homeownership opportunities through partnerships with private developers. Working with neighborhood residents, public housing residents, homeowners and the community-at-large, the department works to revitalize areas into successful, economically mixed-income, mixed-use , sustainable, communities.

Indeed, with its partners, the city of Richmond and the community, RRHA's Real Estate and Community Development Department is at the forefront of redeveloping Richmond, preserving the architectural legacy of one of America's most historic cities and ensuring that Richmond remains a city where families and businesses can grow and prosper.

To learn more about RRHA's Revitalization initiatives throughout Richmond, click on: the links to the left for more information.

If you are looking to purchase a home in the City of Richmond, RRHA can help! We offer beautiful homes and many incentives for qualified buyers – down payment assistance, closing cost assistance, financing, free homeownership counseling and more!

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