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RRHA Departments


Richmond Redevelopment and Housing Authority (RRHA) is a political subdivision of the Commonwealth of Virginia and the largest housing authority in the state. RRHA, a property management and real estate development company, provides quality affordable housing and leads community revitalization efforts throughout the City of Richmond.

RRHA, through its Property Management and Assisted Housing rental housing program, serves nearly 10,000 residents in approximately 4,100 public housing units and through the Housing Choice Voucher Program (also known as Section 8) provides housing assistance to nearly 3,000 families.

Through its real estate and community development initiatives, RRHA offers homeownership opportunities and leads neighborhood redevelopment and conservation programs throughout Richmond in partnership with the City.

Funding for low-income housing is provided by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). Federal and City funding through Community Development Block Grants provide the financial base for neighborhood improvement programs. RRHA’s revitalization and conservation programs are also funded by various state and city funds and through partnerships with local lenders.

RRHA is governed by a board of commissioners whom the Richmond City Council appoints. The implementation of RRHA’s Strategic Plan, policies and procedures is the responsibility of the Chief Executive Officer, who is appointed by the board.

How We Service You

Under the Chief Executive Officer's leadership, RRHA strives to provide services and programs reflective of the agency's commitment to residents, neighborhood revitalization and economic development. RRHA also incorporates the latest in technology to operate efficiently and exceed customer expectations.

Property Management and The Housing Choice Voucher Program

The Property Management and Assisted Housing department is composed of Housing Management, Maintenance, Modernization and Resident Services, The Housing Choice Voucher Program and Housing Compliance. This department manages and maintains housing for low-income families, low-income elderly and the disabled. This department strives to ensure residents have access to supportive services and economic and educational programs to strengthen families, promote self-sufficiency and improve the quality of life.

The Housing Choice Voucher Program (also known as Section 8) provides rental assistance to qualified low-income families in the private rental market. RRHA forms partnerships with landlords to provide quality housing throughout the metro Richmond areas.

Business Services

Internal operations of the authority ensure efficient and effective support for the agency’s operations including Finance, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Budget and Information Technology.

Procurement serves as the contracting authority for RRHA and acts as a liaison between vendors and all departments and leads the agency’s effort to promote minority, women-owned and small business contracting opportunities with RRHA. Risk Management and Records Management are also provided under procurement services.

Career Opportunities

The Human Resources department serves to maximize the recruitment and development of a top-notch work force for the agency. In addition, the department promotes employee relations and directs benefits administration.
Real Estate and Community Development

RRHA’s neighborhood redevelopment efforts, in partnership with the City of Richmond, include managing redevelopment/ conservation areas, ranging from residential to commercial properties and providing home ownership opportunities through partnerships with private developers. Working with neighborhood residents, public housing residents, homeowners and the community-at-large, the department aims to revitalize one of America’s most historic cities, ensuring that Richmond remains a place where families and businesses can grow and prosper.

Office of Government Affairs and Public Relations

In efforts to build strategic partnerships to advance the goals of the agency, RRHA provides comprehensive internal and external communications initiatives including: public and media relations, special events, and management of the agency’s web site; Speaker's Bureau, marketing RRHA’s programs and services and various publications.

The agency also offers comprehensive internal and external communications initiatives including: public and media relations, special events, and management of the agency’s web site; and marketing RRHA’s programs and services.

Developing and strengthening efforts which foster civic and community engagement and relationships is an agency goal and the department's focus through its intergovernmental initiatives.